Google SiteMapper 6.1


Easily generate a site map to deeply check your website.

There is no decent website without its corresponding site map, from which you can very intuitively and rapidly access all the parts it contains, making them much more easy to locate, that in any other way would take too long.

If your website is too big and you can`t be bothered looking at all the webpages in order to make a site map, then you need a tool like Google SiteMapper. It checks, exhaustively and in detail, all the parts that make up your website, generating a list of all the individual webpages that make it up, and the content of each one (apart from logically which is its access route), and automatically creating a web in HTML that links you to each of these other websites.

Google SiteMapper lets you filter the search content, and exclude determined types of files you don`t want to be included in the final site map. You can also personalize the look of the resulting website, change the colours and letter styles, and also include an FTP.


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